Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Watchcat Weekend in Burbank!

The weekend of (April 29 and 30th) is the Burbank Arts Festival in beautiful Downtown Burbank on San Fernando Blvd., between
Magnolia Blvd and Angeleno Avenue. The event is free and fun from 10am - 5pm!

Greg Bradley and myself will be sitting at a table, under a tent promoting Woodbury University and introducing lucky passersby to our Watchcat merch. We've got Watchcat T-Shirts, Collector Pins and free Watchcat postcards and stickers! We are promoting Watchcat to the Burbank community in hopes to gain more subscribers and let more people know about that mysterious crime-fighting cat in their neighborhood, known as Watchcat.

So, look for us near the CTN tents, stop by our table and let us know if you are a Watchcat fan, follow our Watchcatfiles blog or subscribe to our Watchcat Films channel on Youtube? We can't wait for the weekend!

Below are 3 Watchcat episodes and you can see more, by subscribing to our Youtube channel Watchcat Films.

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